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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Best Book On Wally Wood That You'll Never Get A Copy Of

This catalogue has produced for an exhibit put together by Florez and Frederic Manzano last year at Casal Solleric . The softcover version I saw is a thick 352 pages with dimensions of 24 cm x 32 cm. It has no ISBN or price, and was, apparently, only for sale at Casal Solleric and their partnered museum shops in a limited press run.

It's full of jaw-droppingly gorgeous reproductions, many from the original art, of some of Wood's best known pieces, and lots of more obscure items.

More images here

Thanks to Mark Schultz for the image and info!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Vampires of the Void! By Wally Wood & Joe Orlando (1951)

Vampires of the Void! By Wally Wood & Joe Orlando (1951)
Another Kenton of the Star Patrol story from Strange Worlds #4 (Sept. 1951). The GCD credits the art to Wally Wood and Joe Orlando, but it looks more like the work of Orlando with Wood probably doing some key layouts & figure inking. No matter who did what it still looks great!


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Five Years early there was another story entitled, Vampires of the Void!, starring the Justice Society of America battling metal-eating monsters from space. No offense to Kenton, but when the chips are down my money is on Joe Kubert's mace-wielding Hawkman.

Go read The Lost Kingdom of Athala by Wally Wood from the same issue as this Keaton story!