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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Krypto's Family Tree (Superboy, 1966)

Superboy #126, Jan. 1966. © DC Comics
Story: Otto Binder; Pencils: Curt Swan; Inks: George Klein

Kryptonian scientists have no problem testing experimental formula on animals, but only if they're thirsty. Since the drug obviously works, whatever became of the race of winged Kryptonian supermen?

Kryptonian scientists also have no problem endangering children during their experiments, but we've seen this before in old comic stories.

Why is the average dog smarter than the average Kryptonian scientist? If the dogs had of been in charge I'm sure they would have figured out a way to keep Krypton from exploding!

Too bad comic books today don't have stories half as imaginative, fun & well-executed as these.

Apparently Krypto gave rise to his own ancestors!
Bizarro family tree am backwards!