Monday, August 7, 2006

Fallen Domino

Syd Barrett 1946 - 2006

Syd’s obituary in The Gaurdian.

Syd with Pink Floyd live in 1967 performing Astronomy Domine:

While I was in the field last month Syd Barrett quietly passed away at his home in Cambridge, England. When I started up this blog a few months back it was with the specific purpose to post some of these old PF videos featuring Syd. Before I could get around to it the blog shifted directions on me (somethings can't be changed even when you have a Time Bubble) & a number of other blogs did some detailed Syd and PF postings, so I let the original idea slide. But now that The Madcap has laughed his last laugh I'm posting a clip of arguably my favourite song.

According to several sources Syd was regularly painting while in 'retirement' but always destroyed each piece once it was finished. A few years back one of the British music monthlies reproduced one of Syd's paintings that apparently survived the torch. Hopefully a lot more did and we'll see a show of his work sometime in the future.

“Stairways scare Dan Dare, who’s there….?”