Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Became The Sun Creature (1961) by Bruno Premiani

A story by an unknown writer given a stylish realism by artist Bruno Premiani a few years before he first rendered The Doom Patrol in the same magazine. This story rips a page out of the BBC’s Quatermass dossier, and I could see this as a Hammer movie coming right after 1955’s The Creeping Unknown (The Quatermass Experiment). Atomic surgery, indeed!


NASA's recently launched Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) is returning early images that confirm an unprecedented new capability for scientists to better understand our sun’s dynamic processes. These solar activities affect everything on Earth.

Some of the images from the spacecraft show never-before-seen detail of material streaming outward and away from sunspots (see video). Others show extreme close-ups of activity on the sun’s surface. The spacecraft also has made the first high-resolution measurements of solar flares in a broad range of extreme ultraviolet wavelengths.

Launched on Feb. 11, 2010, SDO is the most advanced spacecraft ever designed to study the sun. During its five-year mission, it will examine the sun's magnetic field and also provide a better understanding of the role the sun plays in Earth's atmospheric chemistry and climate. link

My Greatest Adventure #52 (Feb. 1961) © DC Comics
Cover by Dick Dillin (pencils) & Sheldon Moldoff (inks); Art by Bruno Premiani

AIA caught this beautiful prominence eruption only a few days after its doors were opened.

“... and when the planet hit the sun I saw the face of Allison.” (Mose Allsion, that is)