Thursday, November 18, 2010

It Stands In The Snow (1956) by Sol Brodsky

World of Fantasy #2, July 1956 © Marvel Comics
Art by Sol Brodsky

Sol Brodsky (April 22, 1923 – June 4, 1984) was one of the small group of people responsible for making the classic Silver Age of Marvel Comics actually happen. As a go-to artist/inker on many early Marvel comics, he became the companies production manager and Stan Lee’s right-hand man during the Marvel 'Pop Art' explosion. Sol’s name was all over the credits of the 1960’s Marvel Comics, but I’m sure few of the readers actually knew what he did.

How importrant was he? When Jack Kirby and Stan Lee concocted a story for What If? in 1978 reimagining the Fantastic Four as being members of the Marvel Bullpen, Bordsky filled the roll of The Human Torch, with much beloved Flo Steinberg (Lee’s secretary and chief letter-answerer) becoming the Invisible Girl (although Merry Mary Severin could also have filled this role). Lee and Kirby were, of course, Mr Fantastic and The Thing, respectively.

Sol Flames' On!