Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Born This Day: Inventor of 'Kiss-Proof' Lipstick

Young Romance #80.
Art by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon
A great cover by Kirby & Simon from a title (& genre!) they created.

American Chemist and cosmetic executive, Hazel Gladys Bishop (Aug. 17, 1906 - Dec. 5, 1998) made an indelible mark on the cosmetics industry by inventing non-smear ("stays on you not on him") kissproof lipstick. During WW II, as senior organic chemist with Standard Oil, she discovered the cause of deposits affecting superchargers of aircraft engines.

In 1949, after a long series of home experiments, in a kitchen fitted out as a laboratory, she perfected a lipstick that stayed on the lips longer than any other product then available, and began its manufacture. It was introduced at $1 a tube in the summer of the following year. In 1951, a partner forced her out of the $10 million company she created. link