Thursday, June 8, 2006

The Blast Gets Married!

Art © Tom Bagley
A few weeks ago the Time Bubble produced the above wedding invitation from Mike Moynihan and his lovely Bride-To-Be, Kelly. Nicely illustrated by the wonderful Calgary artist, Tom Bagley, it depicts Mike as his alter-ego, The Blast.

Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s Mike ran the ‘Words & Pictures’ comic shop on the University of Calgary campus. Mike was a big supporter of alternative comics and brought in a number of creators including, Mike Allred, Mark Schultz, Dan Brereton, and Mike Dringenberg, amongst others, to promote their work. Allred returned the favour by turning Moynihan into a super-villain in Madman #5 (below).

Madman & The Blast ™ & © Mike Allred
A few years later when Michael Ryan and Mark Schultz created SubHuman (below - illustrated by Roger Petersen and published by Dark Horse Comics), Moynihan (below - left) also tuned up as a member of ‘Storm Force 10’, Krill (SubHuman) Stromer’s band of action-adventurers.

Krill Stromer, Storm Force 10, & SubHuman ™ & © Michael Ryan & Mark Schultz
Mike must hold the singular distinction of being the only Albertan to be turned into a comic book character in two different mainstream comic books!