Saturday, June 10, 2006

NoMeansNo - The River

"Inspired equally by jazz and fusion as trashy punk rock, NoMeansNo continues to bulldoze through genres. Describing the ardently amazing hybrid of styles is similar to tossing a delicious cacophony of jazz, fusion, blues, hardcore, rock, new wave and punk in a blender, setting to liquefy, and serving on the rocks. To label NoMeansNo a punk band would be a transgression of mammoth magnitude." link

"Mothers tell your children the truth
Don't hide the fate that's waiting
When you're born you start to drown
There's no help, no safety

First a gift of love is given
Then the winds rise, the sails are riven

NoMeansNo! The River:

© Estate of Vaughn Bodé. Click to enlarge.