Sunday, December 10, 2006

DNA Nanobots Unleashed!

Scientists have developed a DNA cassette through which a nanomechanical device can be inserted and function within a DNA array, allowing for the motion of a nanorobotic arm. The results mark the first time scientists have been able to employ a functional nanotechnology device within a DNA array.

He added that the results pave the way for creating nanoscale “assembly lines” in which more complex maneuvers could be executed.

The results are based upon a previously developed device that eables the translation of DNA sequences, thereby potentially serving as a factory for assembling the building blocks of new materials. The invention has the potential to develop new synthetic fibers, advance the encryption of information, and improve DNA-based computation.

The new cassette-like device can control sequences or insertion sequences that would allow the researchers to manipulate the array or insert it at different locations. They visualized their results by atomic force microscopy (AFM), which permits features that are a few billionths of a meter to be visualized. Link

Operation of a DNA Robot Arm Inserted into a 2D DNA Crystalline Substrate. 2006. B. Ding and N. C. Seeman. Science 314: 1583 – 1585.

Warning! Robotic Bjork ahead…: