Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard

Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard by Robert Wyatt
Thirsty Ear (thi 57044.2) UK 1975 (reissued 1998)

Robert Wyatt, vocals, keyboards, drums; Bill MacCormick, bass; Laurie Allan, drums; Gary Windo, tenor sax, alto sax, bass clarinet; Nisar Ahmad Khan, tenor sax, baritone sax, soprano sax; with Fred Frith, piano; Brian Eno, guitar, synthesizer; Mongezi Feza, trumpet; John Greaves, bass
This is Robert's third album following on from the highly acclaimed Rock Bottom. On the LP, side A was called Ruth and Side B was called Richard although this is a bit lost on the CD. The music draws on jazz, European folk, and something magical and child like. Wyatt was truly ahead of his time.

It’s the featured album (yes, we still call them that in the future) on this week's edition of the Freak Zone on BBC 6 Radio. You can listen to the entire show by clicking HERE.

Watch a live performance by Robert Wyatt of his classic "Sea Song" from a recent BBC documentary: